Thursday, April 4, 2013

C is for Cinderella

...and Belle... and Tianna... and Rapunzel... and Snow White....

Don't tell Child Services. But I allow my daughter to watch princess movies. And I buy her princess things. And I allow her to dress up like a princess. And I paint her nails pink with sparkles.

I know, I know. She's probably going to end up totally dependent on a man for support- both financially and emotionally. But it's just so cute.

I get that the movies portray women as sex symbols. (Like Snow White and Rapunzel) Or that they blindly follow what's best for their man, as he insists. (Like Tianna...)

And I understand that she'll be one more girl who is heartbroken when, at 17, her guidance counselor tells her that "royalty" is not a major at most universities.

But since I'm a weak, naive, uninformed parent, I can't fight it. It makes her happy. So I give in to the power of the princess.

I only hope she doesn't gain too much weight from eating lasagna. She's been watching a lot of "Garfield" lately.

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  1. Ha, ha!!! I have NO doubt that Lily will be just fine. She is one strong little girl!!!