Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Real Toddler of Fairfield County

I live in a very exclusive gated community.
Sometimes the gate is in front of the kitchen door. Sometimes I can't even get down the hallway.

I run with a fabulous group of people.
My Mommy and Daddy.

To a certain group of toddlers in Fairfield County, status is everything.
I am not one of those toddlers.

My name is Lily, and this is the story of one toddler's journey through Greenwich High Society.

Welcome to The Real Toddler of Fairfield County.

I've lived here for 2 1/2 weeks, and so far, I have to say- It. Is. Fabulous. There are events to attend nearly every day. This morning I went to the park for story time, then I went to lunch on The Avenue with Mommy and Aunt Jackie. Our waitress now knows me by name, carried me around while she got the bill for Mommy, and asked me when I was coming back. And she's not the only person who says I'm her favorite customer. The cashier at Whole Foods brought me a juice box and some apple sauce and talked to me about my hair. And the cashier at Stop and Shop tells me every day that I'm her favorite.

But Monday night, the most exciting thing of all happened. I was photographed for the Fairfield County Look website. Mommy says it's like the society pages. The photographer took my picture (and Mommy and Daddy's, too, but we all know that was just to be nice) and then told them- "I love her." Mommy says it's called charisma. But I'm just bein' me.

See you next time!

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