Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Carol Brady Experiment: June Cleaver, Part 1

Here she is, folks, the mother of all TV mothers. The matriarch of matriarchs. Representing the 1950's, Mrs. June Cleaver, of "Leave It To Beaver."

Personal Style: June was always in a dress and heels. Always.

Housekeeping Style: Perfect. It's what she did. It's what she lived for.

Work Life: June was a Stay At Home Mom. And, it's all she ever wanted to be. I watched an episode during which Beaver's had an assignment to write an essay about his Mom's life before she was a Mom. While Beaver did learn by the end of the episode that she had worked in a book store for five days while she was in high school, (she was fired for her inability to keep her receipts straight.) and that she volunteered serving cookies at the USO before she got married, he also learned that this is what she wanted to do. She chose it. His classmates' mothers had all sorts of interesting jobs before they were married. (not now, of course. Good God, no. BEFORE they were married.) But not June. She was a wife. And damn proud.

Social Life: In this same episode, June and Ward went out to play bridge with the Rutherfords. I'm not sure they did much bar-hopping, but they were certainly friendly with their neighbors.

Notes: June scares me a little. I've never made a pie crust, and I am not a morning person. But at least she's clear about what she wants. So the plan for today is to keep busy. If it needs to be done, do it. And there is plenty around here that needs to be done...

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  1. I have this tendency, this June Cleaver part of me that tries to come out. Sadly I lack the energy and in a fit of rage I become Roseanne Conner. Perhaps I should shoot for the middle and go for Laura Petrie?

    And um, I expected a picture of you in heels and a 50's dress vacuuming or something!