Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Carol Brady Experiment: An Introduction

Last Tuesday morning started with Ryan and I fighting about something stupid. We’re both exhausted, and we’re still sort of tripping over boxes, and while our financial situation has certainly improved we’re not out of the woods yet. So, we were grouchy. And overwhelmed. And stressed out. And bickering at each other like a sitcom couple. And the funny part was- that’s what was making me the angriest. That we were being so cliché. We’re artists. Our fights should be original if nothing else.

As I walked from the train to work that morning, I was thinking about that. How cliché it all was. And I reminded myself that a cliché starts as truth. So we are probably not the first couple to have these issues. And I reminded myself that there have been, in fact, many thousands of hours of television based on these issues. So it must be funny then.

I started to wonder about these sitcom marriages. And I started to wonder which one was most like ours. And by the time I got to work, I had decided I was going to find out.

I bring you: The Carol Brady Experiment.*

I have chosen five TV Moms- one from each of the last five decades of the last millennium. And each day for five days, I will emulate one of these Motherhood Icons. (why not this past decade, you ask? Because that’s just my life every day. No need to emulate anyone else.) I will replicate their clothing style, housekeeping and cooking style, work life, and social life. (adapted versions, of course, as I don’t intend to walk around Greenwich in full costume- tempting as that is- nor do I intend to miss work or other social obligations I have already made.)

So tune in tomorrow for the first exciting episode.

*Carol Brady is represented in the title of this experiment due to her status as a Motherhood Icon. She is not, however, one of the moms I will emulate this week. Because I don’t have an Alice. And seriously. What did that woman do all day? I mean honestly.

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