Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"A Brand New Life Around the Bend..."

*cue violins, 80's sax solo, and blue van driving through tree-lined road

Last Monday, the Smith's moved to Connecticut.

No. Really.

And the night before, I. Could. Not. Stop. Crying.

I packed up all of our worldly possessions, (you never know just how many possessions that is until you pack them up) and I looked around at the apartment where life as we know it was established. Ryan and I lived in Forest Hills for five years. I got my professional start in music theatre education from that apartment. We rehearsed "Godspell" on the front porch. And we had so many visitors there. And financial ups, and financial downs. (more downs)And it's the place where we decided to start a family. And it's the place where we tried- unsuccessfully- to start that family for two years. And then it became a home for baby Lily.

There were so many reasons to leave Forest Hills. But with all of those memories, how could we possibly leave?

We pulled in to our new home at 8 am last Monday morning. I was feeling apprehensive. And exhausted. And overwhelmed.

And by that afternoon, I felt like I was on vacation.

I couldn't quite put my finger on the difference I was experiencing. And then, I realized. It was the sky. (blue and clear for our move-in day.) I could see it. And there were other differences, too. Like the people. Who were friendly. And the streets. (clean) And the noise. (lacking) And the children. (everywhere)

I'm still a little overwhelmed by the amount of unpacking and setting up, the address changes and the updating of things. But since last Monday, Lily and I have been to the park twice. (this morning it was for storytime, sponsored by the library. Which is right down the street.) We've met several new friends, and have a play date tomorrow. The family has eaten out front on the patio. We've walked to dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant. We've walked to the grocery store. And to Starbucks. (we have our pick of two) And I've commuted only twenty minutes to work.

And I can't believe I'm saying it, but it's just... better here.

I'll be in the city on Saturday to teach a lesson. It will not take me any longer to get there on the Metro North than it took me to get there via subway. And Sunday, we'll drive to church. The same church in downtown Manhattan that we've attended for seven years.

Come visit us.


  1. What a warm, lovely blog....does my heart good! Yep....just the right thing.

  2. congrats, Mindy! I love reading your blog, and I may just take you up on the visiting thing sometime when the city is making me bonkers. I still have to meet Miss Lily!