Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Carol Brady Experiment: Laura Petrie, Part 1

I will begin my experiment tomorrow paying homage to Laura Petrie. ("The Dick Van Dyke Show, played by Mary Tyler Moore.) A little about our 1960's subject:

Personal Style: When she was at home, Laura wore pants. *gasp* But even in her controversial capris, she always looked fierce. Hair, make-up, clothing, all perfect. She had the perfect outfit for everything, whether it was dinner at home, a PTA meeting, or an evening out.

Housekeeping Style: In the episodes I saw, Laura did more entertaining than housekeeping. The house was tidy and the meals were balanced, but it always seemed to be more about how everything looked. The assumption was that she did it herself. We just didn't see her do it herself.

Work Life: Before meeting her husband, Rob, Laura danced in the USO. Which is probably why she spent her entire marriage looking so amazing. But once she got hitched, she left it all behind her to stay home and take care of their son.

Social Life: Active. When it comes to true housewives, Laura Petrie was one of the most glamorous I've seen. She may not have been out at nightclubs, but she could make even a dinner party look paparazzi-worthy.

Notes: Laura had a mind and personality all her own, and was capable of getting emotional fairly quickly. The Petries lived in New Rochelle, which is quite close to us. Between her emotional nature, her capri pants, and her geography, I feel pretty comfortable walking in her shoes for the day. (especially since she wore flats at home) Ryan has to leave for work early and doesn't have time for a sit-down breakfast, so I'll have to get up early to make him something he can take to work to eat. I should probably go to bed in preparation. Laura and Rob slept in separate beds. This will be one of those adaptations I talked about.

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