Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Ides of March, revisited

I'm out of sorts again today. We had an extremely busy day in the city- play group and a brief rehearsal, then back home for a lesson. Lily fell fast asleep at 7:00, and I'll probably be in bed before ten. I was disappointed in myself for a few minutes. I wanted to finish everything on my to-do list. I wanted to write a beautiful blog about our Easter Sunday. And I don't want to have trouble focusing for no reason. But then I realized a few things.

1. I've been devoted to my to-do list since my Ides of March post. Therefore, the house is relatively clean. The dishes are done. The carpets are vacuumed. The bathroom is sparkly. Skipping one night will not hurt anything.

2. Recognizing that I'm exhausted and out of sorts is an important skill.

3. I am exhausted because I took my daughter to play group, rehearsed for a fund raiser, and taught a lesson. I earned it.

4. It is important to be well-rested.

So. I'm going to bed soon. My blog about Easter Sunday can wait until tomorrow. I'm going to rest, and I'm not going to feel guilty!!!

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