Monday, April 26, 2010

"At the End of the Day..." Part Two: My Already-Did List

I write a lot about tools I have to deal with depression, and how the Flylady system has helped me. And it's great to  have a list of routines to follow. When I start to get really anxious, I can look at my list and know what to do next. Unfortunately, there are two aspects of my life which get in the way of my routines:

- I am a freelancer
- I have an eleven-month-old

Since Lily keeps getting bigger (they'll do that I suppose...) and Momentum Rep keeps getting busier, I have had my routines interrupted more and more over the past week or so. They're generally great interruptions. Art-making, and opportunity-seizing, and family-conmecting. But I've felt like I'm constantly putting out fires, and it's starting to make me really anxious. Then a few minutes ago I remembered my sociology experiment from March. While I don't think it's necessary to write another day-in-the-life entry, I do think it would be helpful to make an "Already Did" list, to supplement my "Not Yet Done" list. 

So here it is. My Didn't-Know-I'd-Hafta-Do-But-Already Did List for today:

- Taught the Balladeer all three of his ballads. (one of which changes meters every measure or so...)

- Submitted a proposal to be Artists in Residence. A long-shot, but the turn-around time for this submission- between finding out it was a possibility, writing it, and submitting it- was about two hours.

- Answered three emails from my Mom about her visit for Lily's birthday.

- Answered two emails, four texts, and a facebook message, all work-related.

- Got Lily down from the shelf four times. Loves climbing up, doesn't know how to get down.

Whew. I feel a little better.

Or, in other words...

"I simply remember my already-did things, and then I don't feeeeeeeeeel so bad."

Now, if I only had a big yellow notepad and a red magic marker, I'd mark those suckers right off.

What have you already done today?

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  1. I have helped you create a need for an "already-did list!" lol
    YOU ROCK! Now, write that down and check it off too.