Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Baby Sock Bunnies and Other Very Important Tasks

"The wise woman does what she knows. 
If it's fighting, she fights. If it's sewing, she sews." Jason Robert Brown

I started my day with news of another financial frustration. It was news I needed to know, but could do nothing to fix. It was just one more blow in an already frustrating time. So I think it's pretty obvious how I've spent my time today. 

Making a little stuffed bunny out of a pair of outgrown baby socks.

After all, Easter is in a few weeks. And Lily will need to have a bunny in her basket. And we have all these little socks. And I have to do something, or I'll go crazy. 

I have no means of making money right now. I've tried. And since we don't have any money, I can't really take Lily anywhere. And I can work on the house a little. And I have. But it will really only be damage control with Hurricane Lily. So that's only going to bring me so much satisfaction.

But this afternoon, there is a stuffed bunny where there was once only a pair of socks. And for today, that's enough.

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