Thursday, May 2, 2013

Z is for Zebra

Lily got one of those "Sophie the Giraffes" for her first birthday. It's supposed to help with teething. I don't remember if she ever chewed on it. But she has always loved it because, well, we know how she feels about animals.I wanted to find it and take a picture. But our home is currently in a condition where... well.... let's just say I couldn't find it.

Recently, Sophie the Giraffe resurfaced. She started carrying it around with her in her rotation of animal friends. And she called it zebra.

For a while, I let it go. But one day, I finally told her. "You know that's a giraffe, right? It's not a zebra. Zebras have stripes." She picked up her giraffe and left the room, grabbing a pen on her way. I was too tired to ask her what she was doing with the pen. Plus the apartment is such a mess right now she's have a tough time doing damage I'd even notice.

A few minutes later we were headed out to run errands and she told me she wanted to bring her zebra.

"Giraffe," I corrected her.

"Zebra," she corrected me.

She had drawn several lines on each side of the giraffe. It was now striped. And, I suppose, by my definition, a zebra.

Sometimes it's hard to argue with a preschooler.


  1. This was so cute! I can just picture your determined little Lily drawing those lines on. Kids are so wonderful!

    Congrats on completing a-z. :)

  2. Thanks Jessica! She is a determined kid for sure ;)