Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Because Sometimes, a Mommy Needs Silly Nails

I'm not sure what possessed me to buy an "In Style" magazine the other night at the grocery store. Maybe it was the fact that I was at the store alone. (Mommies rejoice. Our Stop n Shop sells coffee by the cup. It's not particularly good. I don't care. I get some anyway when I'm there alone. Makes it count as "me" time.) Maybe it's because spring is near, and that always makes me feel like re-thinking my look. But whatever the reason, there was the magazine. I flipped through absentmindedly on my way to church. And there, among the advertisements, I saw them.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

Nail polish strips that have crazy designs. And they're supposed to go on really easily and be made of polish. They were so, so silly. And I knew I must have them.

I showed the magazine to my friend Janet the next day between our classes. She agreed that I needed them, and that now she needed them too. So tonight, I walked to CVS, and there they were. $11.95. Or something like that. I waited until Lily went to bed, and I made myself some coffee (I still have a lot to do tonight), I put "Ugly Betty" on Netflix, and I got to work.

And honestly, it's as easy as advertised, and it really does look like I had them airbrushed or something.

I'm fortunate enough to have a lifestyle that allows for crazy nails. (and crazy socks, while we're at it.) If I worked in a conservative office, my nails would be really inappropriate. But they're fun. And they look like they were professionally done. And there's no drying time, which is amazing for the Mommy of a toddler. It's why I so rarely do my nails lately- if she wakes up while they're wet, we're in for a big mess.

I know I usually dedicate my blog to more important things. But spending less than $12 to have my nails look really silly and fun makes me really happy. And that's pretty important.

(btw, they come in solid colors, for Mommies who aren't into having crazy patterns on their nails. And no, I'm not getting paid by Sally Hansen. I just like to pass along things that make me happy to other Mommies. And anyone else who likes silly nails.)

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