Thursday, June 17, 2010

Texts from Last Month

I've been busy. Really busy. Yesterday I met a friend from high school for coffee who could only laugh as I did my best to carry on an academic conversation about theatre while feeding Lily cheese and grapes.

But we're all busy. So I'm not complaining. But I made a commitment to blog, and this commitment has been difficult to fulfill. I'd love
to catch everyone up on every little detail of the last month, but that would take a long time and it would be really boring and Tom would make fun of me. So instead, I present to you Texts From Last Month. These are all texts I have received from a variety of people in my life, and they are unedited.

OK, it's really texts from the last two months. But you get the idea. And I think it tells the story.

Texts from last month:


I sold my first coffeehouse tickets...eeek its actually happening. Ive sold 4 so far :) :) ps james is bringing a cello player...amazing!!

it has been a long time since I have sent u a drunke text. so. here it is.

have you seen "The Muppets Take Manhattan?" b/c we are living it.

And kates dead
Ok kate would be so dead by now
She dun got shot in the chest. Bad guys always die from that
You've got very important arteries there. You'd bleed to death by now

Gone about 1/4 mile since last text (25 minutes ago) accident has 2 lanes of 95 blocked...WHY CANT PEOPLE WATCH WHERE THEY R GOING!!!!!!

Omg there's a rly creepy hinckley lookalike on my train.

Could you tell Lily that I mailed her invitations so she's not worrying about it all day. Thanks! I cc'd her on both her cell phones...but tell her just in case.

Hey, does Lilly have a Sophie the giraffe?

right. I'm sure it's SO diff. now to be a mom when others around u arent

Typed him earlier!

Cry quieter, please. It's annoying.

Eeeeek.... Lol, and you my friend are jumpin in te pool again! Yaaaay us!

HELP vehicle is calling me a tow truck. This, I fear is bad.

Hey- i gotta buy new papers and tobacco 4 the joint. Do u want to just use something like last nites?

Baby oragel seemed to do it

it will be very humiliating if I dont pass my fireguard test.

Not all assassins are farces of human beings.

Academic? Yes. Anal? Also yes. ;)

I'm thinking of writing a blog that's going to piss a lot of moms off. You think I should just keep my mouth shut?

Hi. I'm in the cab.

Who is my old man?

Tranny all the way.

Do i need the goatee for oil change? If not, i think im gonna shave it. :) if youd rather i wait, im cool with that too.

since i'm dead in act 2, am i called for tonight?

Space on white or home?

Hold off on notation... my intern is going to do it tonight and send via email.

Thats what mrc is about. 4 the first time ever i feel part of a group. Thx. Xoxo get home safe


  1. I LOVE this! It says so, so very much about your month. I also loved being able to figure out who some of the texts were from based on content. And on revisiting some of my own.

  2. hahaha... I love this Mindy! Such a GREAT idea...
    (I thought my panicky audition text might make the cut when I was reading it! LOL)

  3. I love this. I love the game of figuring out who said what.